OCTOBER is breast cancer awareness month as we support this cause here at the farm. Like many of us I'm sure  I have had many family members fight this horrible disease over the years. My Grandfather that I was very close to passed from Prostate cancer eventually after a long fight , my mother fought Breast Cancer but had to have a mastectomy and is a 20plus year survivor.  All the players will receive a pink Bracelet this week as part of the awareness  and in memory of Julie Parker.


JULIE PARKER FOUNDATION-  Five years ago Julie Parker passed away after a 7 year battle with Breast Cancer. Julie was an amazing person as when I first met Julie it was for training with her two sons Grant and Jake ( Twins) at my house where it all started in my garage. They were both around 9 years old at the time so I got to know Julie over the years. She was always looking on the bright side of things and for the longest time I didn't even know she had cancer. She would always ask about me or the family while showing a smile on her face. I eventually learned about her cancer and was always amazed at how she approached each day and the conversations we shared over those years. As Grant continued to train for baseball Jake had a greater passion for Basketball so Grant and I continued down the baseball road together. Unfortunately when Grant was around age  12 Julie lost her fight to cancer. I was fortunate to have spoken with Julie on the phone before passing as she was already in hospice and did not want me to see her so we spoke on the phone. I asked her if I could start a foundation in her name and explained why I wanted to do so. She said absolutely and that it was an honor that I would want to do something like that in her name. Grant is a special kid as all kids are, however this was a circumstance close to my heart and meant a lot to me to start this Foundation. We hope to focus and grow the foundation in the coming years to support cancer and future players here at the farm. Julie's last words to me on the phone was for me to look after her Grant as she loved watching him play baseball so much! Grant is now a senior at Wharton High School and still trains here with me and we are looking forward to watching him graduate and play some ball.


HOW CAN YOU HELP? We are selling T- shirts with the logo below $10 and they can be purchased online at the website under the tab GEAR then THE SHOP or cash at the field practice. We already ordered the shirts and they arrive this Thursday. Proceeds will go to Grant and his brother Jake to help them through the expense of a senior year. Grant has been and will be awarded the Julie Parker Foundation Scholarship as the first recipient and will be presented at our fall festival later this month. As the 1st Annual recipient Grant will receive a full 2020-2021 player development award of $2,000. We hope to see him continue his baseball journey through college as well. Thanks for all the support!


Pryor Baseball Farm- We dedicate our training on good ol' school foundations for playing the game. we continue to build players from the ground up.

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