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  • FALL BASEBALL 2024- Registration is now open!
    REGISTRATION: Closes (Will Update Soon)
    STARTS: Games begin August 25th

    GAME DATES: August 25th- October 20th
    AGES: 5-12 years 


    -Minors: rec ball players

    -Majors: advanced and travel ball players


    TBC(game days): 3:30-4:45pm & 5-6:15pm

    Games will be played at Land O Lakes Rec Center

    Welcome to the Pryor Farm League, where young athletes embark on an exciting journey of skill development and enjoyment. Our league, comprising Minor and Major divisions, is innovatively structured into four age-appropriate farm systems, fostering optimal player growth and enjoyment. Each team boasts a compact four-player roster, ensuring heightened player engagement and ample playing time. This unique format not only maximizes at-bats per game but also cultivates essential skills through increased on-field participation. By prioritizing player development and creating a dynamic, inclusive
    atmosphere, Pryor Farm League strives to be the premier youth baseball experience, where passion for the game meets comprehensive skill enhancement. Join us as we cultivate the next generation of baseball stars!


    ***TEAMS OF 4 PLAYERS***

    ***NO BENCH***

    ***6-8 AT BATS PER GAME***



  • Rookies 5-6yr $225
    This is the start of our grass root program so players learn the basics while learning the strategy of the game as well. Players will sharpen their skills and confidence as the whiffle ball format is a safe play environment that allows players to develop and have FUN! Has been a training staple here at The
    Pryor Baseball Farm for many years and has proven year after year why it is the best entry point into the game.

    Single A 7-8yr $225
    We will introduce the pitching machine at this level with various rule modifications as we want players to get more situational play and consistent pitching from the machine to add and build even more confidence within the players grass root foundation.

    Double AA 9-10yr $225

    Players will enter the mound with kid pitch as they experience the importance to be able to throw the ball and or pitch the ball to support the teams overall success.

    Triple AAA 11-12yr $225
    Players will sharpen their throwing and pitching abilities while playing on a 50/70 field as they prepare for the larger field MLB regulation field.

    High School Prep 13-15yr $225

    Launch into the detail of the game while you prepare for your high school journey. PREP and write or re-write your story so you can transform, thrive, and play high school ball and meet your goals year after year.

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