Bell Club

Helps with arm care and throwing mechanics.


Connection Ball

Used to train effective movement patterns. Pitchers use the tool to preset
proper arm positions and receive visual indicators of mechanical efficiency. Hitters use the product to address hitting disconnections and improve skill.


Crossover Symmetry Bands

These bands are medically designed and proven to improve should strength and athletic performance. It helps with arm core and conditioning. Full program as
warm up to throw.


Tennis Balls

Used for hitting, throwing, and catching drills. Great for building confidence in
many areas and it’s safe.

Catcher's Gear

We have all sizes available for all levels to train or explore this position.

Sledge Hammers

We have it covered. From 2lbs – 10lbs for a complete core and total body
conditioning workout. More power work for hitting and core for pitching.


Pure Fun

Ball Feeder

Works with most machines and allows players to work solo. 30 ball count and can feed whiffle, tennis, and baseballs.

Pickle Ball Raquet

Hand work for hitting and learning swing sequence. Get connected fast.

Whiffle Balls

Same as foam balls, but great for batting tee work as players can see the spin of
the ball and this helps with making connection adjustments with drills and performance. Yellow color ball good for perception and tracking. Improves eyes and contact.

Protective Screens

We have plenty of scree for all of the cages and various drills that require a
screen to stay safe.


Plenty to choose from as well as training bats for power and speed work.


Foundation throwing training aid for all youth. Every player should have one in their bag. 3 core throwing fence drills that will get youth throwing correctly.

Crossover Symmetry Chart

Easy to follow arm core exercises for scapula training.

Atec MI Machine

Velocity 70 mph- great for all levels for hitting, catching, catchers and infield

Ball Carts

Carts save the back and allow a more efficient pace for training.

Power Block

Used for pitching and throwing drills. Back side load.


Medicine Balls

Serves an important role in improving core strength and potential power work
for hitting and throwing.


Foam Roller

Helps release tension in the muscles, relieve muscle soreness, and improve
flexibility and range of motion.



Plenty of cones for drill conditioning, speed, and agility.



Plenty for all of your drill work and hitting.

Power Bag

Used for power work and speed work for hitting. Swing a bat at it.

Dumb Bell Weights

Arm core and conditioning workouts.

Atec Casey Pro

2 wheel machine used for hitting, catching, and catcher’s drill work. Can
throw whiffle, tennis, and baseballs. Various speeds 70 mph +

Hand Ball Raquet

Foundation and Development. Level training aid for hitting progress. Lots of
hand work.

Power Balls

Weighted balls for hitting and throwing connection drills.

Home Plate

There are many plates at The Farm to use for drills and reference when hitting
especially with batting tee. Never use the tee without a plate and reference so you can properly work on your hitting zone and contact points.

Batting Tees

Never wait for a tee at The Farm. We use them for many hitting and throwing
drills. Connect swing, the key is to use the “T” correctly as most DON’T.

Hula Hoops

Used as targets with youth for throwing and hitting.

"L" Screens

All cages have “L” screens for safe batting practice.

9 Pocket

All mounds provide the 9 pocket targets for pitcher training and bull pens when a
catcher is not available.

Cage Mound

Full pitcher mounds with in case live pitcher and hitters or bull pens.


Mound equipment to maintain playing surface for realistic training environment.

Black Bertha

This is an $8,000 machine that can throw every pitch both left and righthanded.
Fast ball, change up, slider, and curve ball. Also, sequence pitches as if a pitcher for game speed.


Velo Weighted Balls

Improves arm health, strengthening, and velocity. Helps with mechanics through a series of throwing drills both dynamic and tempo for increased velocity.


Velo Belt

Helps you feel the back side (Load) in both hitting and pitching. Great feel drill to connect body.


Balance Beam

Balance work for hitting and throwing.

The Rope

Useful in throwing mechanics and feel drills, arm core, and helps reduce arm stress.

Power Plate Form

Helps with pitching and establishing a good power angle to get body weight
moving down the hill.

Medicine Ball Walls

Arm core, Velo programs, med ball workouts and drills for increased Velo
and bat speeds.

Youth Portable Mound

Great for bull pens when raining can throw in hitting stables. Helps youth drill for success.

Rope Bat

Great for youth and beginner players to learn how to rotate lower body and wipe
hands through. Great for one arm drills.

Foam Balls

Used in all areas of training. It is safe and helps aid in building confidence in youth


Multiple targets for throwing and pitching drills.

1 Arm Trainign Bat

1 arm youth swing drills. Bat has weight near hands. It helps with swing path and feel drill for controlling barrel and path.

High School Portable Mound

Stay dry and pitch in the hitting stables.


Be safe, we have extra helmets for all levels. Use helmets when hitting of machines.


Full length cages to provide space for all levels with roof. Always train, there are no
rainouts with our cages.


We have plenty of baseballs so you can train and not spend time collecting balls
during training time.

Large Rake

Field maintenance. Players learn how to maintain and take care of their playing