Welcome Carlos Alfonso!

Welcome to The Farm!!!

We are happy to announce that Carlos Alfonso has teamed up with coach Pryor to bring additional education and player development to The Farm! We are looking forward to having coach Alfonso around to help guide players on their journey within the game at all levels and especially with our college and high school prep program starting this fall 2020 season. See coach Alfonso's resume online and experience at the MLB levels with many major and minor league organizations with the San Francisco Giants, Houston Astros, and Tampa Bay Rays.

Carlos A. Alfonso (born December 18, 1950 in Havana, Cuba) is a former minor league baseball player and manager, as well as a former minor and major league coach. He is currently the Tampa Bay Rays Director of International Operations. He Helped open Rays Academies in Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. In January 2014 he became the Houston Astros Coordinator of International D