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What is Asian Handicap in Football? Tips for Choosing Easy Winning Bets

Detailed explanation of what Asian Handicap in football is?

For those wondering what Asian Handicap in football is, this is a familiar form of betting and is very popular. This type of bet is often offered very quickly, sometimes within minutes. Therefore, if you don't know how to place your bets, you will miss the opportunity to successfully finalize the bet.

Asian Handicap betting, also known as Running Ball, indicates the timing when goals can be scored. Simply put, players betting on the handicap will predict the minute of the match when a goal will be scored. If the bet is placed correctly, players will receive a very valuable reward.

What are the ways to bet on Asian Handicap in football?

After understanding the concept of Asian Handicap betting, some people may have questions about the various types of Running Ball bets in football. According to Wintips experts, these betting odds have different ways to play:

Half-time Asian Handicap (HT)

  • While exploring what Asian Handicap in football is, everyone will surely come across HT Running Ball bets. This form of betting occurs during the first half of matches. Players will rely on the odds provided by soccer win tips to predict the timing of goals. Note that this type of football bet is only valid for the first 45 minutes of play.

Full-time Asian Handicap (FT)

  • This type of betting occurs in the second half and is the most popular among players. The bookmaker will rely on the timing of goals scored within the 45 minutes of the second half to determine successful best winning prediction app download.

Corner Asian Handicap

  • If you already know what Asian Handicap in football is, you certainly can't overlook the Running Ball corner betting odds. Instead of predicting the timing of player goals, players will bet on the minutes of play when corners are awarded. This is a popular side bet in football with extremely rewarding payouts.

3 Tips for predicting Asian Handicap bets with 99% success rate

After understanding how to play Asian Handicap betting in football, you can directly participate in placing bets on top matches. To ensure a win when betting on Asian Handicap with reputable bookmakers, players should consider the following 3 key tips:

Predicting the Asian Handicap in classic matchups

aThe first experience shared by hot betting tips experts is to bet on the handicap in big matches. Firstly, you'll choose a renowned football league where famous teams compete. The matches in this league will be lively and see many goals scored.

Next, players need to select one of the hundreds of matches in a day to predict the Running Ball. You can base your selection on the following criteria:

  • The reputation of the two competing teams.

  • Statistics related to attacking play, especially the number of goals scored by each team.

  • Tactics and playing philosophy of the teams.

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Placing the Asian Handicap bet at the right time

Once you've grasped how to play Asian Handicap betting in football, you'll know that the timing of placing the bet is crucial. Winning or losing depends on when players make their decisions. Here are some golden moments for accurate Running Ball betting:

  • First 15 minutes of the match: In matches with a clear favorite, the favored team will press from the start to seek a goal. Therefore, you can bet on the handicap in the first 15 minutes to have a chance of winning.

  • Last 15 minutes of the first half: In evenly matched games, teams tend to play cautiously in the early stages. Therefore, the end of the first half is when both teams will push for an advantage.

  • Last 10 minutes of the match: This is when teams go all-out on the attack to find a goal before the match ends.

Based on real-time developments: For those who are unsure how to choose Asian Handicap bets, observing the developments on the field directly is essential. If you notice a high pace with continuous dangerous plays, you can place a Running Ball bet.


So, we've just decoded what Asian Handicap in football is and explored some accurate Running Ball betting experiences. If you want to learn more about exciting and impressive sports betting knowledge, please visit Read more: Soccer top 10 vip betting tips app for 2024


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