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Teaching How to Calculate Money in Football Betting Rapidly for Beginners

Understanding how to calculate money in football betting is an essential skill for punters to master, enabling them to control the game, confidently win, and assert themselves in the betting community.

To help newcomers quickly integrate into the online betting community, the editorial team at football tips for saturday  will compile the most essential and easily understandable knowledge.

I. Reasons to Know How to Calculate Money in Football Betting

A common mistake many novices make is not knowing how to calculate money in football betting, relying mainly on the automatic calculation of the bookmakers' money - a double-edged sword that often leads to unjust losses.

Furthermore, there are many reasons why one needs to supplement knowledge about calculations when participating in betting. For example:

Knowing how much one wins or loses to make accurate decisions and increase the chances of winning.

Bookmakers only calculate the amount when the match ends, meaning they are not obligated to inform about hypothetical situations beforehand.

Understanding the calculation method to compare with the bookmakers' automatic money calculation feature, thereby contributing to evaluating the credibility of the website.

Confidently asserting one's knowledge and understanding.

In summary, understanding how to calculate football betting money will help prevent unwarranted risks, especially in cases of being "cheated" by bookmakers.

II. How to Calculate Money in Football Betting in Detail and Exhaustively

After assessing football odds, players can rely on various methods to calculate money in specific cases.

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  • Calculating Money for European Handicap Betting

The European handicap (1x2 betting) is common in Europe with a considerable number of participants. It is considered simple and easy to play, with three betting options. Players can win big or lose entirely.

a. If Winning Entirely

The term "winning entirely" means winning all in the betting match. The calculation formula for winning money is: Winning money = betting money x odds.

Example: Betting on a match between Crystal Palace and Manchester with odds of 1x2, betting $100,000 on Manchester with odds of 1.53. If Manchester wins, you will receive a prize money as follows: $100,000 (betting money) x 1.53 (odds) = $153,000 (winning money).

b. If Losing Entirely

The term "losing entirely" means losing the bet entirely. Of course, the amount of money you bet is entirely lost. The calculation formula for losing money is: Loss money = betting money.

Example: Betting $100,000 on Chelsea with odds of 1x2. However, Crystal Palace wins against Chelsea. Therefore, you lose $100,000 in betting money.

  • Calculating Money for Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap, also known as handicap or spread betting, is considered more complex but has the highest participation rate in recent years.

The calculation method for Asian handicap betting money is also different, based on the player's betting odds at the bookmaker.

a. If Winning Entirely

Winning money = original bet x winning odds. Just like the "winning entirely" term in European handicap betting, Asian handicap betting is similar. You win with a prize calculated according to the formula above.

Example: Betting $100,000 at the bookmaker with odds of 2.3. The amount of winning money you receive is: $100,000 (betting money) x 2.3 (odds) = $230,000 (prize money).

If Winning Half:

  • Winning money = (odds x betting money) / 2

The term "winning half" simply means winning 50% of the betting money. The bookmaker will pay you half of the winning amount calculated by the formula above.

Example: Betting on a team with odds of 1.53. The bookmaker will pay you: (1.53 + 1) / 2 x $100,000 (betting money) = $126,500 (prize money).

b. If Losing Entirely

Loss money = betting money. In the case of losing entirely, you walk away empty-handed.

If Losing Half:

  • Loss money = (betting money x odds) / 2

The term "losing half" is as simple as winning half, but instead of winning half of the betting money, we calculate the amount lost at the bookmaker.

  • Calculating Money for Over/Under Betting

For newcomers to football betting, over/under betting is a suitable choice. This can be said because of its easy gameplay. Similarly, calculating money in over/under betting is not difficult.

Over/under betting, also known as O/U or total betting, has a calculation method for betting money quite similar to Asian handicap betting.

Cases such as winning entirely, winning half, losing entirely, and losing half in Asian handicap betting are all included in over/under betting. Therefore, as long as you understand how to calculate money in handicap betting, you can calculate money in over/under betting.

  • Calculating Money for Refundable Bets

In addition to the various methods of calculating money in football betting for winning or losing matches, calculating money after receiving refunds is also noteworthy. Below, Bóng Đá INFO will share the specifics for bettors to grasp.

In many cases, handicap or over/under bets occur, and you get a refund. Betting money on handicap 1, 2, 3 goals... gives you many opportunities for refunds, and the refunded amount is very high.

The calculation method in this case is straightforward. If the match ends in a draw, you will receive your initial betting money back. However, refunds in these cases only apply to Asian handicap and over/under bets. For European handicap bets, there are only wins or losses, and therefore, no refunds.

III. Some Notes When Calculating Money in Football Betting

First: Understand and grasp the odds that the bookmakers provide at the start of the match.

Second: Understand the regulations of the bookmaker you are betting with, avoiding imposition from one bookmaker to another.

Third: The method of calculating money in football betting is the same for all bookmakers.

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Fourth: Distinguish clearly between Asian handicap, European handicap, and over/under bets to avoid confusion when calculating betting money.

Fifth: Choose a reputable and quality bookmaker to participate in betting. This plays a crucial role because the bookmaker is where you place your betting money. Pay special attention to fraudulent and counterfeit bookmakers, as this also helps bettors calculate money accurately.

By following these guidelines and understanding the various methods of calculating money in football betting, beginners can confidently enter the world of online betting and make informed decisions.


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