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Fall Season: August 25th- October 20th


Land O' Lakes

Farm League Baseball (Fall Season)

Fall Season: August 25th- October 20th | 5-12 yr olds

Time & Location

Fall Season: August 25th- October 20th

Land O' Lakes, 3032 Collier Pkwy, Land O' Lakes, FL 34639, USA


FALL SEASON: August 25th- October 20th

***Orientation Date Coming Soon!***

-Parent Orientation

-Player Training Clinic

Introducing the revolutionary Pryor Baseball Farm League tailored for players aged 15 and below, where development and enjoyment converge in an innovative format. Our league's unique approach focuses on holistic player growth by immersing participants in all aspects of the game. With teams composed of four players each, encompassing outfield, infield, pitching, and hitting roles, we create a dynamic learning environment.

In this groundbreaking setup, players gain exposure to different positions, ensuring a well-rounded skill development journey. The infield and outfield rotations provide opportunities to understand defensive strategies and adapt to varied game scenarios. Pitchers showcase their prowess by facing opponents until securing three outs, honing their accuracy and decision-making under pressure. Transitioning to hitting lets players translate their insights from pitching into effective offensive strategies, fostering a deeper game understanding.

Beyond refining technical skills, our league nurtures qualities like teamwork, adaptability, and sportsmanship. The camaraderie forged as players rotate through roles fosters lasting friendships and a sense of unity. By embracing versatility, our young athletes not only become proficient in various positions but also foster a lifelong love for baseball.

Join us at the Pryor Baseball Farm League, where the game's essence is fused with player development. Witness your child evolve into a versatile, skilled player, empowered to conquer challenges on and off the field. We're not just shaping baseball players; we're cultivating well-rounded individuals equipped to thrive in any situation the game presents.

Refund Policy: We have a NO REFUND policy once the season has commenced and a 50% refund 2 weeks prior to the first game. Under certain circumstances we will issue a credit for future training or game opportunities within the Pryor Baseball Farm training portfolio. You will continue to receive all season discounts and training videos throughout the season as promised as part of the player development package during the farm league season you are attending. We hope you take full advantage of the online video training  and course syllabus. Many players and parents have felt lost in their players' development  and  have found great success in their individual skill development with our Pryor Farm League online video support.


  • Minor | Rookies: Age 5-6

  • Minor | Single A: Age 7-8

  • Major | Single A: Age 7-8

  • Minor | Double AA: Age 9-10

  • Major | Double AA: Age 9-10

  • Minor | Triple AAA: Age 11-12

  • Major | Triple AAA: Age 11-12




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