Here at THE FARM we have 4  levels of training for players and coaches. Each is described below. Players will continue to train in a level until a player has satisfied the competency standards before being drafted to the next level. Welcome to the FARM!


FOUNDATION- Training for beginners ages 5-8yrs. Where the foundation is set for future development. Key to success in development phase.


DEVELOPMENT – Training is for those with some experience and want to train to excel by making all stars, travel ball teams or shine within their team as a leading player. Ages 9-11yrs


PERFORMANCE -Training that will prepare middle school players for high school competition and performance. We also train high school players that need skills sharpened for securing a varsity starting position and continued development to the college level. Ages12-14yrs.


RESULTS – College Recruitment training is for those high school players looking to get the results so they can attend college to play baseball. Advanced training and college recruitment placement. Ages 15-18yrs.

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MARCH 16TH 2020

FOUR LEAF schedule


In light of the current situation regarding Covid 19 All classes will be held online until normal activity is resumed.

Pryor Baseball Farm- We dedicate our training on good ol' school foundations for playing the game. we continue to build players from the ground up.

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